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All the homeworks for the class

Extra-credit in green
Title Due date Points
Collecting Dallas Officer-Involved Shootings
Collect and parse the Dallas Police Department's officer-involved shooting data and make an interactive map.
Wednesday, March 11 20
Write a program to auto-detect broken links
Tuesday, March 10 5
The Celebrity (Tw)It List
Finding out who the most-followed users follow on Twitter.
Tuesday, March 10 5
Draft proposal of a final project
Use your computational methods to solve a computational problem of your own choosing.
Tuesday, February 24 1
Build face-grep in Python
Taking the Unix philosophy to Python and computer vision object-detection algorithms.
Friday, February 20 5
Listing the BuzzFeed listicles
Practicing web-scraping and regexes on BuzzFeed listicle titles
Tuesday, February 17 5
Analyzing Tweets in CSV form
Connect to the Twitter API, download a user's tweets as CSV, and count frequency of hashtags and words.
Friday, February 13 5
Firsts in American baby-naming
Even more practice with text filters, this time to find when baby names first became known.
Tuesday, February 10 3
Collecting and analyzing job listings from the USAJobs.gov API
Ask what you can do for your country, and what your country can pay you.
Friday, February 6 10
Using baby names to classify names by gender
Use the SSA baby name data to make a naive filter for guessing the gender of a name.
Tuesday, February 3 5
Death Row rows parsing
Collect and aggregate data from three different states' death row listings.
Friday, January 30 10
Basic if-else practice
Practice the logic of if-elif-else conditional branching
Friday, January 30 5
Exploring Congressional Twitter data as JSON
Basic JSON parsing exercise using what Congress tweets.
Tuesday, January 27 5
More analysis of trends in American baby-naming
More practice with text filters to find interesting trends in the SSA baby name data.
Tuesday, January 27 5
Parsing the White House Press Briefings as HTML
Data analysis of all the words used in the White House press briefings
Thursday, January 22 10
Managing baby names and data projects with Github
A sampler project that demonstrates how your code and data should be organized for minimal head-smashing.
Friday, January 16 5
Basic word analysis of the White House Press Briefings
After collecting the list of WH Briefings, it's time to get each briefing.
Friday, January 16 10
Collecting the White House Press Briefings
The first step in analyzing web data is to just collect the webpages.
Wednesday, January 14 10
Setup Prep
Setting up our programming toolbox and environment.
Wednesday, January 7 10